The Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010

Sorry this is not an entry to win that kit. Sorry I don’t have pics. I am just documenting my first mission for the marathon that is one of my bucket list; and no, I’m not dying (I doubt it!).

I told myself that other than making the most of my stay here in the country before realizing my work/study abroad, I wanted to try joining a real marathon. I already tried joining in the annual Body Combat Marathon of Fitness First and fortunately I became one of the finalists in the Open Category (imagine 4 hours of stationary combination of martial arts, from taekwondo to muay thai!). And so I made a decision just before the end of January of this year to join the Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010.

And like I said this is not an entry to any blog contests nor a clamor for me to become a celebrity one day (now that IS a project!), this is just for me to document what I am doing for an easy 3k.

Yes, a 3k can be finished in 15 minutes and a 5k can be done in 30-40 minutes. So why not 5k? Because I might get bored running, as simple as that. And as a novice, I don’t want to get traumatized from my first attempt. I wanted a gradual succession: if I finish 3k in my goal of 15 minutes or less, that will give me a new goal of trying 5k. Now that is not rushing or even attempting the impossible at a very short time!

And since I only decided the last week of January, that is barely a month before the actual event, February 21! So what am I doing?

I officially started my mission marathon: Century Tuna Superbods 2010 last Saturday. I tried doing the threadmill for 3k and saw myself ending after 16 minutes to be exact. Then attended the new Body Jam 51 where I twisted my ankle in the Latin track (damn you Gloria Estefan! Peace…hehe!). So I told myself if ever I get injured it’s not because of jogging but it’s because of dancing in Body Jam (where there’s an open marathon in March!).

The day after, I woke up at 6 am and went to UP to jog a lap (later on, I found out the acad oval is 2.2 km so doing 2 laps can help me improve!). After that, I went to the gym to do lunges, squats and other leg exercises. But I also mixed it with back and abs exercises.

So Monday morning, my whole body not just my ankle is aching! But heck, that would not stop me from anticipating and increasing my exercise routine on the coming weekend. And this time, I plan to add Monday morning for my jogging exercise. This is multipurpose because it does not only prepare me for the marathon but also prepare a fit body in my end of Feb Boracay getaway!

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